Victorian Orthopaedic Centre, Melbourne

The Victorian Orthopaedic Centre began life in 2003 as the Victorian Paediatric Orthopaedic Centre, the only clinic of its type in Australia. In the past ten years, the Melbourne based clinic and its surgeons have gained a reputation for excellence in the treatment of orthopaedic conditions encompassing all ages, from infants through to adults.


Our surgeons—all of whom are consultants at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne—have expertise across a broad range of conditions, from congenital limb deficiencies and scoliosis to sporting injuries. Combining medical excellence with a comforting bedside manner, they make orthopaedic consultation and surgery a stress-free, relatively painless experience.


Managing Fractures

Fractures in children and adolescents require specialised knowledge and treatment. Growth and development can be affected by such injuries and prompt attention is important. For this reason VicOrtho offers easy access to specialised services from orthopaedic surgeons who are expert in this area working with in house physiotherapists and orthotists.

We have made it easy for patients with fractures just press


Please ensure that you bring a valid referral and any X-rays you have had taken.

As this is a private service there is a fee for consultation and any additional X-rays or plaster services.



Orthopaedic childcare is a specialised area of practice that requires a particular skill set. Working with children is quite different from working with adults, and it is essential that your medical care provider understand these differences.

Our surgeons assess the best options for treatment, including observation of growth patterns, bracing, physiotherapy and surgical intervention. Your children deserve treatment from surgeons committed to their care—surgeons who understand the growing body, empathise with the experience of young people and specialise in their care.


Whether through over overuse, growth spurts or sporting injuries, adolescents often find themselves dealing with orthopaedic issues and in need of specialised care. While adult care is often straightforward, adolescents experience growth and other bodily changes that may create further complications in their treatment.

The surgeons at VicOrtho are experienced in the intricacies involved in adolescent orthopaedic care, and will explain in detail the various treatment options available to your adolescent child. These may range from conservative management to a number of different surgical procedures involving the latest in orthopaedic techniques.


Although we may not like to admit the fact, we are all getting older, and as we age our bodies tend to experience a bit of wear and tear. Whether you are suffering from sports injuries, trauma or the inevitable effects of aging, we have consultants who specialise in your specific orthopaedic issues. Reconstructive surgical options and total joint replacement will be discussed with you by leading surgeons on the cutting edge of adult orthopaedics and joint preservation.