Stewart Morrison

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Stewart Morrison Degrees MBBS, FRACS Offices 64 Chapman Street North Melbourne VIC 3051 (Primary) Royal Children’s Hospital 50 Flemington Road Parkville VIC 3052 ServicesPaediatric OrthopaedicsLimb ReconstructionOrthopaedic OncologyPaediatric traumaArthroplastyStewart Morrison is…

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Lucas Annabell

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Lucas Annabell DegreesMBBS, FRACS Offices64 Chapman StreetNorth Melbourne VIC 3051(Primary)Royal Children’s Hospital50 Flemington RoadParkville VIC 3052 ServicesPaediatric OrthopaedicsLimb ReconstructionOrthopaedic OncologyPaediatric traumaAdolescent Hip ReconstructionLucas Annabell is a Paediatric and Adult Orthopaedic…

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Fractures Fractures we treat include –ClavicleProximal humerusHumeral shaft (diaphysis)ElbowSupracondylarLateral condyleMedial epicondyleMonteggia fracture-dislocationOlecranonRadial neckForearmRadius and ulna shaft (diaphysis)Monteggia fracture-dislocationGaleazzi fracture-dislocationWrist – distal radius and ulnaMetaphysealPhyseal (growth plate)HandHip and proximal femurSUFEHip dislocationNeck…

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Hip Dysplasia

Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH) What is hip dysplasia (DDH)?A spectrum of presentations (dependent on age) that all result from the cup of the hip (acetabulum) not being deep…

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Orthopaedic Surgery in CP: Multi-Level Surgery (MLS) for problems affecting the ability to walk What is it?Multi-Level Surgery in the lower limbs is the preferred technique for the treatment of…

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Sports Medicine

Patello-Femoral (Kneecap) Pain & InstabilityWhat is the Patello-Femoral Joint (PFJ)?The patella (kneecap) is the bone at the front of the knee joint. The patellar tendon and quadriceps tendon attach the…

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Scoliosis What is Scoliosis?Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine accompanied by a twisting of the spine. This can cause the shoulders, hips or waist to appear uneven. The…

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Brian Loh

Brian Loh DegreesMS,DNB,FRCS (Tr&Orth), FRACS OfficesPublicRoyal Children’s Hospital Monash HealthPrivate St Vincent’s Private HospitalCabrini HealthPrivate consultations available at:VicOrthoSt Vincent’s Private Hospital, East MelbourneCabrini Health Malvern Services Paediatric Hip Conditions Adult…

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