Victorian Orthopaedic Centre offers specialty consultations in Orthopaedics. Medicare regulations require that patients have a valid referral from a primary medical practitioner (GP).  It is also highly desirable to have a local medical practitioner involved with your care.  All surgeons at Victorian Orthopaedic Centre have a strong commitment to providing timely correspondence with your local medical practitioner.


Private insurance

Private insurance enables patients and their families to choose their surgeon and provides access to some of the private hospitals in Melbourne that will accommodate children.   These include St Vincent Private Hospital in East Melbourne, Epworth Hospital, Cabrini Hospital, and the Avenue.

There are of course some medical reasons why the Royal Children’s hospital will be the best choice for the circumstances.  There is however no special access or accommodation available for private patients.   Access to surgical care at the Royal Children’s Hospital care is prioritised according to medical need alone

Private insurance does not cover the cost of appointments in the rooms at Victorian Orthopaedic Centre. Individual surgeons have determined their fee with regards to new patient or review consultation.  All will require payment of that fee at the time of the appointment. (cash, major cards accepted)

Those patients who do not have have private insurance requiring surgical treatment are advised to seek care through the Specialist clinics at the Royal Children’s Hospital. (or a more local equivalent)  See Public Patients below.


Public patients

All of the surgeons at the Victorian Orthopaedic Centre have a strong commitment to the public hospital system with regular clinics in the Specialist Clinics area. Referrals to Specialist Clinics Orthopaedics should be sent to…  by your referring medical practitioner.

Public patients who have been seen previously at Victorian Orthopaedic Centre do not receive any special access to the Royal Children’s Hospital as indeed is the case for Private patients at RCH.  (see Private Insurance)

It is important to understand therefore that an appointment at  Victorian Orthopaedic Centre does not provide a shortcut to care through the public hospital. Public patients requiring surgery will need to be referred on to the specialist clinics.